Growing Trend of Abaya in Muslim Women

In an Era where the western world boosts of upholding women rights, Muslim girls that wear abaya and observe hijab are looked down upon to backward. What are the West doesn’t seem to comprehend is that Muslim women don’t wear abaya for the sake of culture nevertheless they do so to fulfill the command of Allah subhanuhu wata’ala.

Alhumdulillah, the Ummah is witnessing a revival of the Islamic ideology. As much as it’s witnessed by many other items, the growing trend in Muslim women wearing abayas is really a strong indication of this revival. The growing trend is not only being witnessed inthe women in Muslim countries, but additionally in the women living in Western countries such as the UK and US. This could also be witnessed in the growing variety of abaya web stores popping up once in a while.

This demonstrates more and more women are opting to wear the abaya and the sales of abayas are getting up. This would scream aloud to the western world that wearing abaya has become the selection of the Muslim women in particular. It must be seen as an expression of these freedom rather than being known as women being oppressed.
I would rather say that women surviving in free are actually oppressed! They are being brainwashed to consider that revealing themselves is actually freedom. The greater skin they reveal, the harder they may be considered to be expressing their freedom.

I’d state that man within the Stone Age was not civilized enough to know that wearing clothes is something decent. Then man became civilized and commenced covering up their bodies with clothes. Masking was always considered a civilized way, till the Western ideology emerged within the 1700s.

With all the advent of this Western secular ideology, something went absolutely wrong when man again begun to believe that removing their clothes was a civilized manner. So in a way, I’d claim that this Western ideology brought mankind returning to the Stone Age, to those old backward ways in which they used to be in.

Alhumdu lillah, I am so proud the Ummah today has rejected this backward Western ideology, as well as the Muslim for women who live shown they’re still civilized by covering up properly using the abaya.
No one is forcing the Muslim women to wear abayas, rather they may be observing it by their own will to impress their Lord, Allah subhanahu wata’ala. I ask the civilized world one question: Can you supply the Muslim women their freedom to wear hijab and abaya? Or would you like to force Muslim women to become slaves in your filthy secular ideology?

The author:
Irfan Ullah Khan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Happy Muslim Family that is a web-based platform that provides advice and tips to married Muslim couples to set more love in to the couple relationship in Islam. Happy Muslim Family helps couples achieve happiness and tranquility inside their family life by learning and following a beautiful ahkam about the “Family System of Islam”.

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